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Product advantage
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Energy efficient

The operating efficiency of silicon-aluminum alloy high-efficiency condensing boilers is increased by more than 35% compared with that of ordinary boilers.

Low nitrogen combustion

N〇x emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3 (standard operating conditions), adapting to China's increasingly stringent N〇x emission standards, lower than Beijing's implementation of 30mg/Nm3

Smaller installation footprint

The operation efficiency of silicon aluminum alloy high efficiency condensing boiler is more than 35% higher than that of ordinary boiler.

Low installation cost

Bowei boilers,small size, light weight, wheeled bearings, PVC pipe for smoke exhaust pipe, easy to install.

Longer service life

According to European standards, the design life of core components such as cast aluminum heat exchangers can reach more than 20 years.

More stable operation

Microcomputer intelligent control, multiple security protection, imported parts from Europe, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Lower maintenance costs

Simple structure, high quality parts, strong versatility, few easy-wearing parts, and use of high power variable frequency fans.


Strong pre-sales technical support, perfect product after-sales service, ensure users worry-free use.