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Technical core
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Core Technology

The silicon-aluminum high-efficiency condensing heat exchanger adopted by Bowei condensing boiler has its unique heat utilization principle that fully absorbs the latent heat released by the sensible heat in the flue gas and the condensation of water vapor, which greatly improves the boiler heat exchange efficiency.

100% full premixed low nitrogen combustion technology

Bowei's fully premixed metal fiber low-nitrogen burners mix air and natural gas in full proportion before entering the combustion chamber, allowing natural gas to burn, reduce air demand, increase the dew point of flue gas, and make flue gas As soon as possible, the condensing stage is entered to further increase the combustion efficiency; at the same time, the flame temperature is reduced to reduce the generation of NOx , and the minimum emission of NOX under operating conditions can be controlled below 15 ppm (standard operating conditions).

Combustion ratio adjustment technology

The intelligent boiler controller is combined with the natural gas combination proportional control valve and the full premixed variable frequency fan to ensure the best air-fuel ratio, and automatically adjust the boiler output to meet the dynamic heat load, so that the boiler heat output curve as close as possible to the dynamic heat demand curve, reduce the invalid The output also achieved the lowest emission effect.