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BWCC-S series condensing boilers
Release time: 2018-04-19
BWCC-S series condensing boilers
►Small size with big energy!
►Full premixed condensing technology makes air-fuel ratio more reasonable
►Uses silicon-aluminum alloy heat exchanger, high heat transfer efficiency, strong corrosion resistance
►Power at 80kw and 120kw
►Heating area up to 800 to 2000 square meters
►Thermal efficiency up to 108% (outflow water 50°C, return water 30°C)
►More energy-saving, more gas-efficient, about 20% more energy-saving than a normal boiler
►More environmentally friendly, lower pollutant emissions, NOX emissions below 30mg/ Nm3
►Microcomputer intelligent control, convenient operation
BWCC-S series condensing boilers
Product parameters





Rated heat inputKW80120
Maximum gas flow at rated powerm³/h812
Maximum load 80°C/60°C heat outputKW78.4117.6
Maximum load 50°C/30°C thermal efficiencyKW82.4123.6
Maximum load 80°C/60°C thermal efficiency%9898
Maximum load 50°C/30°C thermal efficiency%103103
30% load 50°C/30°C thermal efficiency%108108
Highest Outflow water temperature9090
Lowest/highest water pressurebar0/60/6
Hot water supply capacity(ΔT=20℃)m³/h3.55.2
Flue gas temperature (maximum load 80°C/60°C)<70<70
Flue gas temperature (maximum load 50°C/30°C)<45<45
NOX emissionsmg/m³<30<30
Maximum condensed water dischargeL/h6.49.6
Condensed water PH 4.84.8
Flue interfacemm150150
Gas interface DN20DN20
Inlet and outlet ports DN40DN40
Gas typeNatural gas12T12T
Rated gas pressure (dynamic pressure)Pa20002000
Power supply 220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumptionw500500
Weight (net)kg120150
Reference area heating area10001500